Sunday, May 24, 2009

BMX Memories

By pure coincidence I was treated to 2 different versions of the all mighty Mongoose yesterday. Fist off, I bought this at a local yard sale. It's crazy how original it is. It has it's original tires, grips, seat, everything. It even has all of it's original reflectors, which is weird because that was the first thing you ditched when you got home from the bike shop.
Later in the day I ended up at my parents house digging through the garage looking for some old camping gear of mine. My Mongoose is still there hanging in the rafters until my boy is big enough for it. It was nice to see it again. I loved that bike and rode the shit out of it. Really brought back memories of the neighborhood track and treks out of the neighborhood with my older
friend to tracks in other neighborhoods. I can still remember every jump and berm at Ascot and all the skin I left there.

The white bike above is for sale so if your interested contact me through my profile page.

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Jose said...

Damn! I had a Mongoose like that with the Spider Mags! I left for the Military in 86 and when I transfered back to a base in the U.S. 3 years later my Dad had cleaned out his garage and it was gone! Wood ramps, dirt jumps, trying in vain to race Mike King!