Sunday, May 24, 2009

BMX Memories

By pure coincidence I was treated to 2 different versions of the all mighty Mongoose yesterday. Fist off, I bought this at a local yard sale. It's crazy how original it is. It has it's original tires, grips, seat, everything. It even has all of it's original reflectors, which is weird because that was the first thing you ditched when you got home from the bike shop.
Later in the day I ended up at my parents house digging through the garage looking for some old camping gear of mine. My Mongoose is still there hanging in the rafters until my boy is big enough for it. It was nice to see it again. I loved that bike and rode the shit out of it. Really brought back memories of the neighborhood track and treks out of the neighborhood with my older
friend to tracks in other neighborhoods. I can still remember every jump and berm at Ascot and all the skin I left there.

The white bike above is for sale so if your interested contact me through my profile page.

Circle Jerks

I've been digging through a box of my old stuff that I found buried in the garage. There were a bunch of old punk rock fliers in it. This is my all time favorite flyer....always has been. You youngsters aren't going to understand how really insane this show would have been. This was the 80's and their just wasn't the kind of crossover between music that there is now. Punk and Hip Hop did not mix. This would have either been a blood bath or some kind of weird scene were people just didn't know what to do or think of one another. The bloods and the crips may have just come together for one night only to wage war againt the punks. Who knows???? This show never happened as, if I remember right, RUN DMC cancelled their entire tour because of gang violence between the bloods and crips at the shows. Colors....colors....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Troop 204

I dug this incredibly cool old box out of the dumpster behind my house a couple of months ago. I couldn't believe that someone would throw it away. I happened to see my neighbor in the alley a few days after and asked him if he had thrown it away. Not only did he throw it away he gave me the history of it and told me that the lid was in the dumpster also. Well, I got a pair of gloves and a long handled shovel and dug down to the bottom and found the lid. RAD!

My neighbors uncle had made this box in the 1920's when he was about 12 years old. He made it out of old fruit crates. I just can't believe that he threw it away!

Fire Ring

These came home with me also. I just couldn't resist the promise to BOOST POWER and SAVE GASOLINE. AC Fire Ring Spark Plugs rule!

Another Neat Old Box

I went out hunting today and came home with this neat old tool box. I have never seen one like it.