Thursday, January 12, 2012


O.K. so were are still working hard to sort this crazy garage at our latest estate sale. Early in the afternoon I pulled a box down from a high shelf and start to go through it. The next thing I know I have a real WWII hand grenade in my hands. I have seen enough of these things to know the novelty variety and this was not one of them. I carefully put it down and stand in...military markings...NO signs of it being tampered with...SHIT! What do I do?! My wife splits and leaves me to die. I call the O.C. Sheriff. They come out and take a look from five feet away and the dude says, "it looks like a grenade to me. I'm calling the bomb squad". SHIT! The bomb squad shows up and goes in. 10 minutes later he walks out with it in pieces. The grenade had been disarmed years ago but there was no clear indication that it had. He told me that upon first inspection he was concerned. He told me that, "through a series of "tests" he felt fairly certain that it was safe" and then picked it up and really checked it out. STUD! The guy was cool as hell and has a job that nobody wants.

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80s Horror said...

Nice blog and smoe cool finds! I recently started an ammo collection and was wondering if anyone else is into this. I am trying to collect one each of as many calibers and variations as I can. I also collect vintage firearms advertising and cartridge boxes, etc. I also started a blog here.